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Why the title?
When my daughter Christine was about to turn 17, I began freaking out about her 18th birthday. I often heard that once a kid turns 18 they do not, and will not, listen to you anymore. So I panicked and for her 17th birthday I gave her a notebook and a commitment to write her every week. I wrote every week until she turned 18. I tried to cover every area that I wanted her to know before her 18th birthday and graduation thus the title " 52 Things to Know”.
 52 Things to Know
I wrote the first book when Christine was 17. Then when Kevin turned 17, I wrote his book. Many similar chapters, but as you would expect many of the chapters and perspectives were very different.  I am a step-father, so almost six years later I wrote another book for Phoenix, and then a year later I finished off with a book for Dallas. Christine now has a daughter Reagan, but since she is only 8 months old there should be quite a bit of time prior to writing another.
 You will note a couple of themes in the books that I wrote:
1. Jesus centered- I am a sold-out believer in Jesus Christ. You will see this pretty early and often throughout the chapters. My wisdom is always biblically based. I then go a step further and tell my kids'" when in doubt- don't listen to me- listen to the bible". 
2. Touchy subjects- I tried to write on all of the really "touchy" subjects. Sometimes it is easier to write about them rather than talk about them. YES, I think you should talk about them. In some instances this was my back up for what I am sure were VERY uncomfortable discussions in which I hem and hawed and most likely did not make a lot of sense.
3. Serious and not so serious- Every chapter is not life and death. There are a lot of chapters on simple things and maybe even some areas that you might not think are very important. Even the simple subjects were designed to impart a message, or an idea that I wanted them to know.  If not, please add your own.
4. Risk of them not reading it- When I started the books, I was fully aware that they might not read them. You will note and should be AWARE that in a couple of chapters I actually put a small "ask for money" in the chapter just to make sure they were reading it. With Christine- I was sending them weekly; I inserted a "Tell me- Hey dad the book is fantastic- and I will give you $5.00" at week 4. It was not until week 6 that she asked for the money. With Kevin it took almost a month for him to ask for the $5, and he got the entire book at once. Just because you write it does not mean they will immediately read it. Someday they will. 

5. When you see any writing in blue; it is personal. You will need to change it or erase it. Either way, blue means " Take note".
6. This book is about Love- I love my kids and wanted nothing more than to share with them my wisdom (a little learned from success and MUCH learned from failure) to help them better prepare for being an adult. I am proud of all of them. 

Enjoy writing your book,

52 Things to Know

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It's Great!
Jean Moran
Wow! My stepdad wrote this for me. He had said many of these things to me before but now I have them in writing. My friends have read them as well. Watch out…you might just learn something
Phoenix Hook College Student
This was amazing! I would have never done this on my own. What a great gift for my daughter. Thank you.
Scott Thomas