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"Wow! My stepdad wrote this to me. He had said many of these things to me before but now I have them in writing. My friends have read them as well. Watch might just learn something."

-Jenna, College Student

Create your own book in just 20 minutes !

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Most people aren't crazy enough to write a book of 52 things they want to share with their soon to be 18 year olds and graduates. I was...

Not just once but four times! I have a daughter, son, stepson and stepdaughter. 52 Things to Know is a platform that will give you a great head start! Use a few, some, or all of my chapters to create your own personal book. Add your own perspective, your own pictures and create a personalized book that you can share with your son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, niece, nephew or grandchild.

This is an opportunity to share your feelings and your wisdom with your loved one. You will have access to what I wrote and hopefully over time thousands of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, stepparents etc., just like you. You can also share your writing with others so they can benefit from your wisdom.

Our topics are bold and personal: Love, greed, friends, envy, sex, college, pornography, health, faith, relationships…and many more that you might add as well.

This is a unique opportunity for you to give a special gift to your 18 year old or graduate. We think it is the best birthday present or graduation present you can give. On behalf of 52 Things to Know, I hope you will join us.

Excerpts from the book

The Perfect College Day

There are 24 hours in a day.  Here is what a successful college student figures out prior to going to school: A Perfect College Day   Sleep---8 hours   School---3 hours   Eati...

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Sometimes No Advice is Better

When you are right in the middle of God’s will, you know it by the Bible, by prayer, and by those around you who are Godly and have wisdom.  Stay there and keep your path. Don’t l...

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Money is a Tool

Money is a tool.  You work to live, not live to work.  Any other concept regarding money will only cause pain and heartache someday.  Money does not make you better or worse.  I...

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The first place is always better than the second place… I once heard a San Diego policeman tell us one time that if you are ever attacked by someone run immediately because the first place ...

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Senior Year 2019

With the school year approaching, it seems like college is just around the corner. Senior year is a big deal and an exciting time.  There is so much more to tell them and share with them before they graduate.    Whether it is their 18th birthday or senior graduation, the clock to having an adult ...

Book Chapter: Love and Favor

Another chapter: LOVE AND FAVOR   The Lord has glory and majestyHe has power and beauty in His temple    Psalm 96:6    A thing of beauty is a joy foreverIts loveliness increases; it will neverPass into nothingness    John Keats   I have wrestled for a very long time with the notion of uncondition...


Thanks Michael! They came today and they are fabulous.
Jeff Dad
This was amazing! I would have never done this on my own. What a great gift for my daughter. Thank you.
It's Great!
Jean Mom