52 Things to Know June 8, 2018


This blog is about “parenting”; plain and simple. We have a book that parents can create for their kids that are turning 18 years old or just about to graduate. 
When my daughter Christine was about to turn 17, I began freaking out about her 18th birthday. I often heard that once a kid turns 18 they do not, and will not, listen to you anymore. So I panicked and for her 17th birthday I gave her a notebook and a commitment to write her every week. I wrote every week until she turned 18. I tried to cover every area that I wanted her to know before her 18th birthday and graduation thus the title of my book " 52 Things to Know”.
I wrote the first book when Christine was 17. Then when Kevin turned 17, I wrote his book. Many similar chapters, but as you would expect many of the chapters and perspectives were very different.  I am a step-father, so almost six years later I wrote another book for Phoenix, and then a year later I finished off with a book for Dallas. Christine now has a daughter Reagan and a son Bennett, but since Reaga is only 3 years old there should be quite a bit of time prior to writing another.
 We allow you to take my book and use some, all or none of the chapters you like and then add your own “chapters” of wisdom. What’s great is that if you want you can share your chapters with others and they can benefit from your wisdom also. Each chapter contains a bible verse and a wisdom quote ie. Abraham Lincoln/John Wooden etc. plus a paragraph or two on every subject I could think of they needed to know. You can insert pictures as well. You end up with a personal hardcover book from you that shares your wisdom about life to your 18 year old or your graduate. It seems the perfect time to share your wisdom. They are old enough to be thinking about their future and also old enough to hear some of the important lessons in life.  This blog will share many of the ups and downs of parenting (especially older teenagers) and the importance of sharing your wisdom with them.