A time to "talk" June 23, 2018


Senior year ahead! Danger!  


Every parent gets excited and a little scared over their child's senior year of school. There is so much to do. So many thoughts and questions:  "Our "baby" is growing up", "They will finish school!- who would have thought...", "Preparing to go away", "Where are they going?", "We will miss him/her." 


With all this confusion and excitement there is also the reality that our time with them is growing short. Sure they will come home from college but we will most likely not see them everyday and every night. With time slipping away all of those important conversations that we still need to have with them have with them grow closer in your windshield. My book was designed to make sure that you can document the things you have said and a bunch of them that you never really clearly communicated. This is an encouragement to have the conversations and write them down. Doing both is much better. 


Important conversations with your kids are hard. They seem not to be very interested. You are most likely nervous. And usually we inevitably feel a little like a hypocrite because we are telling or asking them to do or not do things that we did the complete opposite! Still have them. Have them early and often this coming year. You will be pleased that you did and your kids will be better off for having had the conversation with you.