Excerpt from the Book..."DANGER" July 6, 2019


Our book is filled with many extremely valuable chapters. This one may be one of the best... it is important not to wait:




The first place is always better than the second place…

I once heard a San Diego policeman tell us one time that if you are ever attacked by someone run immediately because the first place is always better than the second.  This means that if they are going to hurt you in public they will do much worse things in private.

He gave examples of time and time again where people were talked into going to another place and ended up having more harm done to them.  He even said if someone was standing five feet away from you with a gun, that you should run.  80% of the people shooting will miss and over 90% won’t shoot at all in public.  His point was if they are crazy enough to shoot you in public, they would do much worse in private.  How do you do this?  Use the following:

If someone gets in your car for example in a mall, crash it right away right in the parking lot.  Don’t drive somewhere else.

Throw your money away and run in the other direction.  If they want your money you will be okay.  If they didn’t, you have a head start.

If you are in a restaurant and someone comes in to hold it up; get up and run out right then and there.  Don’t wait.

Have a plan of where and when you are going to run with friends.
I know those sound crazy but he said it would save your life.