Start Writing July 13, 2019


Do they really care? Let's face it, we spent 17 years working on them. Sometimes they listened; sometimes not. 


With graduation looming or an 18th birthday, parents are preparing themselves for a new season with their kids. Maybe it's college or a new job or simply senior year when our child is preparing for their next step in life. There are many ways for a parent to prepare for this time:


We stress- This is bad for everyone. It's hard to not get nervous about the future especially when it is our kids. The right answer of course is to leave in in "God's hands-since it has always been there to begin with..." but we stress about their new life, going to college and becoming an adult.


We get sentimental- All those years and all of those memories just come flooding your way. Want some advice? Accept it and enjoy them!


We plan and prepare: Make sure you do well on your finals!. We need to get your graduation announcments out! Who are you living with next year in your dorm? Can we all go on one final family trip this summer? Have not started all this yet? Wait it is coming. 


We WRITE: This is a blog about 52 Things to Know. Take all of your excitement and nostalgia and put it to work. Start writing all of your memories and advice for your child and document the memories and the advice in a 52 Things to Know book.  


Everyone wins. Your child gets a book about wisdom and love. You get a chance to write down your feelings and hopes for them!