"Touchy" Subjects June 16, 2018


I tried to write on all of the really "touchy" subjects. When I say “ touchy” I mean difficult for parents. You know the ones: sex, safety, money, boys, girls, greed, abortion, pornography, envy… you get the idea. Sometimes it is easier to write about them rather than talk about them. YES, I think you should talk about them. In some instances this was my back up for what I am sure were VERY uncomfortable discussions in which I hem and hawed and most likely did not make a lot of sense. Parenting is tough. Sometimes you can just tell that your loved one ( I will use child from this point forward but you can write a book to anyone…) is not listening. You can see by the look in their eyes that they are just not listening. Why share something important if you know they are really not listening. There can be a ton of reasons why teenagers stop listening. Maybe they have a test tomorrow? Maybe you just took away their car or phone and they are mad at you? Maybe they sent out a text and can’t think about anything else but the response? Or maybe what you consider important at that moment in time is just not important to them. When you write it down in a book and they can keep it forever it gives them a chance to go back to it when it just might be important.  
This does not mean you should skip all those important discussions you want and need to have with your soon to be 18 year old or graduate. Have them. Your voice will make a difference. If you get a chance write it down. It just might make a great chapter in a book someday!