Two Ears and One Mouth June 30, 2018


Our entire book project is about sharing wisdom and advice with your teenage son/daughter/granddaughter/grandson/nephew/niece/loved one. There is also plenty of time while you are writing to listen as well. 


You have all heard the expression" God gave you two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak...".  Sharing wisdom as we all know can fall on deaf ears. We may have something great to say but the recipient does not hear it. Why not?


Everyone listens and learns differently. It will help to learn how your teenager "listens". The best way to find out is to listen to your teenager. Listen to the way they explain things to you that are important to them. Do they make comparisons? Are the a glass if half full or half empty thinker? Do they see details or the big picture (Forest/Trees). How long is there attention span? Do they like sports? Is there anyone over 25 that they even trust? Are there some subjects they listen very closely and others that they immediately zone out? 


All of this listening will help you to communicate better. Communcating self confidence to a teenager with a short attention span? Sometimes you can share a message in one for two sentences. "I trust you. You should trust you..." Do you have a teenager that is always comparing things for you?" Johnny's parents let him go...". Maybe you should share an important point in this way" "You remind of the neighbor down the street, Joe. You know him- the really successful lawyer. When you talk to Joe he focus's on your every word; just like you. "


Just because you have something important to say does not mean they will get it when you write to them. Think about not only what you are going to say; but how you can say it in a way they will understand.